Friday, April 27, 2012

Something New!

I'm a little behind here but I will try to catch up posting as much as possible. It's just been a crazy month and though it's not new to me being this busy, taking care of our sweet little Mico and working at the nail shop is not that easy to check on here. And guess what... I am not complaining being busy because I will tell you I'm an Avon representative now! For all those whining, now I am adding something new to work for. I just applied this week being one of the 5 million Avon representative and I am excited though I already was a representative before back in Philippines for almost 6 years. For anyone, who wants to help me build up my new business, please take time to check out my website and order something from my Avon website. When you find products you like, all you have to do when you checkout just ship it directly to your residence. I thank you all in advance. God bless

Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Sinus and Ear Infection

For my first time visitors, I would like to share to you a little about me though I already mention it in my profile. I am a new mommy of a four month old baby boy, we call him Mico! Though he is a healthy and big baby, having sinus and ear infection is one of a not-so happy moment for him and also for mommy and daddy! He and his daddy just went to the doctor today because mommy was working. He's been having a stuffy nose last night and been coughing a lot and had some yellowish drainage from his ear.  This is his second time having this infection and isn't fun! Hope he will get better very soon since the doctor prescribed antibiotics and ear drops. I will share a picture here for a peek! :) 

white rice and your diet!

I'm just done eating my dinner, white rice and sardines! Being a Filipino the most important food in the table every meal is white rice. Everyday meal is not complete without the big servings of rice, of course with other dish meals that we called viand. After I ate, I logged on to my computer and I noticed this online news about white rice link seen with type 2 diabetes in yahoo Philippines page. I do heard that before when I was still in the Philippines and some people that was scared to be diabetic switched to cooking and eating corn grains every meals than continue the white rice. I myself like the rice better than corn but my mother do sometimes just buy corns because it's cheaper and said healthier. I copy and pasted below the yahoo news that I just read :

Health researchers said on Thursday they had found a troubling link between higher consumption of rice and Type 2 diabetes, a disease that in some countries is becoming an epidemic.
Further work is need to probe the apparent association and diets that are notoriously high in sugar and fats should remain on the no-go list, they cautioned.
"What we've found is white rice is likely to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, especially at high consumption levels such as in Asian populations," Qi Sun of the Harvard School of Public Health told AFP.
"But at the same time people should pay close attention to the other things they eat.
"It's very important to address not just a single food but the whole pattern of consumption."
In the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Sun's team said the link emerged from an analysis of four previously published studies, carried out in China, Japan, Australia and the United States.
These studies followed 350,000 people over a timescale from four to 22 years. More than 13,000 people developed Type 2 diabetes.
In the studies carried out in China and Japan, those who ate most rice were 55 percent likelier to develop the disease than those who ate least. In the United States and Australia, where consumption of rice is far lower, the difference was 12 percent.
Participants in the two Asian countries ate three or four servings of rice a day on average, compared to just one or two servings a week in the Western countries.
White rice is the dominant form of rice eaten in the world. Machines produce its polished look by hulling and milling, leaving a grain that is predominantly starch.
Brown rice, by contrast, has more fibre, magnesium and vitamins, and a lower "glycaemic index," a measurement of sugar content, than white rice.
Sun said the study did have limitations, including full details about what the volunteers ate in addition to rice.
"I don't think I can put forward a 100-percent confirmed case, given that this is a meta-analysis of four original studies," he said.
"But I see a consistency across these studies, and there is biological plausibility that supports the association between white rice consumption and diabetes."
He added: "More trial data are needed to corroborate or refute our observations."
Diabetes affects nearly 350 million adults worldwide, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Diet is only one factor in Type 2 diabetes, a complex disease that involves high levels of blood sugar that cannot be processed by the hormone insulin. Obesity and lack of exercise are also cited as culprits.

I love rice and will still continue to eat it! Hope you all learn about what i shared to you guys and watch your diet!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pregnancy Skin Problems

I am a new mom and I know it's not easy being pregnant. I remembered those days that no good foods stays in my stomach for the first three months of my pregnancy. Beside from those eating problem, there are many more changes in my body especially my skin. I got a lot of skin problem like my acne was at its worst! I know it differ from woman to woman, some women actually experience that coveted glow on their pregnancy. But I was not one of them because most of my acne was so inflamed and itchy at times. I know it's because of the pregnancy hormones imbalance but surely wasn't fun for me. I wash my face two times a day and put moisturizer on it but it doesn't help too. I also experienced getting dark skinned especially under my armpits but it slowly fades away after giving birth. Having itchy belly which look like tiny bump rashes on my belly was one of my skin problem too. I used the cocoa palmer's butter lotion for that and some gold bond body powder, which helps the itching a little bit.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Me..

I am starting this new blog to write opinions and insights about all the happenings in life. But I want to start about me, I am a new mother and a wife. I'm living in a small town in Kentucky, but I am from Iligan City, Philippines. I married my american husband and moved here in the State after six months of waiting for my US visa. I met my husband online and we chatted for years before we met in person when he visited me in our city in Philippines. There are a lot of women out there that I know that have the same situation and love story that I have. I'm sure that some of you who will read this are still waiting for your US visa or still in the situation of a long distance relationship and knowing it's not an easy situation, you can leave some comment here and ask me or share to me your stories. I will be posting more about me and my life and everything else, so keep reading and I will keep you all posted.